Breaking down the Atlantic Wall – Canadians on D-Day e-book


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Exclusive to our SHOP, our special edition e-book, Breaking down the Atlantic Wall by Tom MacGregor, is an informative primer on Operation Overlord and the spearhead force to liberate Europe.

2019 marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day and Canada’s crucial role in the Normandy landing, June 6, 1944. Step into this defining moment in world history as each of the five invading Allied divisions—British, American and Canadian—was assigned a beach along a 95-kilometre stretch of France’s coastline. The Americans were on the western flank, with beaches code-named Utah and Omaha. The British would command the three eastern divisions with British divisions landing at Sword and Gold beaches and the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division landing between the two British divisions on Juno Beach.

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