Liberation of the Netherlands Poster


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The Second World War in Europe ended officially on May 7, 1945, with the unconditional surrender of all German forces. But for the First Canadian Army, it had ended two days earlier. On May 5, German General Johannes Blaskowitz surrendered the 120,000-strong Twenty-Fifth Army to Lieutenant-General Charles Foulkes, commander of I Canadian Corps, at Wageningen in the Netherlands. The coming of peace sparked an eruption of public rejoicing that neither the Dutch nor the Canadian soldiers would ever forget. More than 7,600 Canadian airmen, sailors and soldiers gave their lives for Dutch freedom—and are buried in Dutch soil.

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Civilians in Zwolle, Netherlands, ride on a Universal Carrier of the Régiment de la Chaudière. 

Donald I. Grant/DND/LAC/PA-136176

Large format: 29" x 21" 

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