Winter Birch Collection


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Don’t be left out in the cold. ‘Tis the season to gather friends and family around the table with our new Winter Birch Collection! Makes the perfect entertaining gift this festive season.

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Save money and get all of our Winter Birch Specialty Items in one great collection! 

The Winter Birch Collection includes:

1- Winter Birch apron (microfibre)
1- 25 pack of Winter Birch paper placemats (17 x 11 inch)
1- Winter Birch tea towel (100% cotton)
1- Winter Birch puzzle (16 x 20 inch / 504 piece)

Winter Birch painting by artist Jennifer Morse

Winter is my favourite season. In the country, after the snow comes, the landscape goes quiet. I set a 8’ x 4’ board at an angle against my kitchen window and try to capture the colours at the end of a cold winter day. Black-trunked saplings—teenaged trees—cast long blue shadows across the snow, like slender dancers stepping daintily across a white stage. The troupe is led by a papery old birch. For a few moments at sunset, the trees are gilded and silhouetted against the golden sky. At dusk in winter, sometimes, everything is young and colourful.

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