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The Beaches of Normandy (V.1) – Juno Beach


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Commemorate this defining moment in world history as Canadian, British and American soldiers, sailors and airmen helped turn the tide towards victory when they landed on the beaches of Normandy and won hard-fought battles against a determined enemy in the summer of 1944.

In preparation for the invasion, Americans, British and Canadians underwent months of special training. Ground, sea and air forces rehearsed endlessly to ensure perfect timing and co-operation.

Following an all-night bombardment of the assault areas, the Allies on a five-division front, and troops from three airborne divisions descended by parachute and glider on the flanks of the invasion area. Extending from the base of the Cotentin Peninsula to a point northwest of Bayeux, the First United States Army attacked on the beaches “Utah” and “Omaha.” On the left, in a sector reaching eastward to the mouth of the River Orne, the Second British Army assaulted the beaches of “Gold”, “Juno” and “Sword.” The Canadians, under Major-General R.F.L, Keller, landed at “Juno” in the centre of the British front.

The hard-fought Operation Overlord was a success, the strong Atlantic Wall had been breached, and the Allies were back in Europe. Ahead lay more fighting—the day of victory in Europe was still 11 months away.


12″ x 18″
• Printed ultra smooth white cover stock
• Packaged in an acid free protective sleeve
• Matting and framing are the responsibility of the purchaser


12 x 18


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The Beaches of Normandy (V.1) – Juno Beach
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