Bound Book (WWII: The War That Had To Be Won)


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Now you can have this Special Issue from our award-winning series bound in a luxurious dark linen wrap marked with Legion Magazine’s silver foil logo. What better way to protect and showcase these pivotal moments in Canadian history.

Step into Canada’s rich military past with fascinating tales of Canadian heroes from The Second World War. The Battle of Britain, the Battle of Hong Kong, the Dieppe Raid, the Italian Campaign, the Battle of the Atlantic, the Invasion of Normandy, the Battle of the Scheldt—these were some of the most important and costly conflicts of the Second World War where Canadians played pivotal roles.

The cost was high, but the war that had to be won was a victory in every sense. Through words and pictures, WWII: The War That Had To Be Won tells the ultimate story of Canada’s contribution. 100 Pages.


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