D-Day 75th Anniversary Mailing Labels (Version 2)


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2019 marks the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and now Canadians can commemorate their mail with this significant event. It was the spring of 1944 and the Allies could not wait any longer. It was time to roll the dice in the greatest military operation in history. The Allies—British, American, Canadian—would land on five beaches on France’s Normandy coast in the early hours of June 6—D-Day.

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The Allies’ airborne force alone here numbered 23,000 paratroopers. Almost 7,000 naval ships carrying 156,000 soldiers—including 110 Royal Canadian Navy ships with 14,500 Canadian soldiers aboard—assaulted the coast under a torrent of bullets, bombs and shells. Canada’s task was to land on an eight-kilometre stretch of coastline code-named Juno Beach. By day’s end, a vanguard of Canadians had advanced 14.5 kilometres from the beach, the farthest Allied incursion of the day.

You can purchase individual sheets of 30 labels, or save by purchasing packs of 25 sheets (750 Labels), 50 sheets (1500 Labels) or 100 sheets (3000 Labels)! Just make your choice in the drop-down menu above. 

Individual labels are 2 5/8" x 1" 

Instructions: To personalize your custom labels, simply fill in the NAME AND ADDRESS LABEL field above. If you do not wish to personalize the labels, please type BLANK and we will leave the area free for your own personalization.*Please ensure accuracy of the typed mailing address. Legion Magazine will directly copy what is inserted into the label field and is not responsible for any mistakes and adjust for Canada Post accuracy. Please read below for more information. Consistent and accurate addressing eliminates the need for extra handling or redelivery by Canada Post. Standardized addressing helps ensure that mail is consistently delivered on time, the first time, every time.

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