March/April 2010 Issue


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Assignment Afghanistan: The Struggle For Salavat Part 1
“The enemy has understood they won’t survive if they fight in the open so they have become masters at concealment, they encrypt themselves into the landscape; they become a part of the place itself.”

Having spent several weeks with a platoon from the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light infantry, Staff Writer Adam Day begins a series following the members of Alpha Company as they deal with a hidden enemy while trying to win over the trust of Afghan villagers.

The Bugs In Your Gut
A healthy adult gut has about two kilograms of microscopic organisms—bacteria, viruses and fungi—collectively known as gut flora. Most are benign or beneficial. A few like C. difficile can be deadly.

Staff Writer Sharon Adams looks at the surprising benefits of the trillions of organisms in the human stomach.


  • Italian Remembrance: Veterans return to Italy where 93,000 Canadians served and 6,000 died in what turned out to be the longest ground campaign of the Second World War.
  • Prohibition Blues: Many veterans of the First World War were shocked to return home to a Canada without beer.
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