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March/April 2011 Issue


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Assignment Afghanistan: Kill Town Salavat
Tired of constant harassment and threat from insurgents, a platoon of the Royal Canadian Regiment sets out on a patrol knowing that it is an invitation for an ambush. This time they hope to turn the tables on the enemy, with snipers hidden high in the hills. Staff Writer Adam Day gives a first-hand account of one day’s deadly encounter.

Bad To The Bone – TANKS
They are big, loud and deadly, but tanks have been an essential part of our military arsenal since they were introduced in 1916. Legion Magazine takes a look at 13 of the beasts that have served the Canadian Army well.


  • Lessons Of Carpiquet: Canadians fight a hard battle on what becomes known as “the bloodiest square mile in Normandy.”
  • Home For Life: Staff Writer Sharon Adams looks at low-cost designs for new houses and renovations that will keep owners living at home despite the changes brought on by age or disability.
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March/April 2011 Issue

Availability: 23 in stock

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