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July/August 2010 Issue


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From Brandy to Anaesthetics: A then-and-now look at military kit and surgical tools
There was a time when the best a doctor could offer a wounded soldier before surgery was a shot of whisky or brandy—a far cry from today’s modern anaesthetics. Legion Magazine presents an informative and at times humorous illustrative series on how surgical tools, military kit and uniforms have changed over the years.

Return To The Netherlands
Why the Dutch remember
In the 65 years since Canadian forces helped liberate the Netherlands, the Dutch have continued to express gratitude and celebrate their freedom with an undying enthusiasm. News Editor Tom MacGregor travels with the official Canadian delegation to the celebrations in the Netherlands while Staff Writer Sharon Adams looks at the personal side of Dutch society where fewer people have actual memories of the dark days of occupation.

Canada’s Merchant Navy
‘The men that saved the world’
While Canada’s navy celebrates its centennial, we look at the merchant navy which delivered tonnes of supplies and thousands of soldiers throughout two world wars at a cost of more than 2,000 lives.


  • On patrol in Afghanistan: Part 3 of Staff Writer Adam Day’s series on a Canadian platoon in the village of Salavat.
  • Counter-terrorism on the Arabian Sea: Part 2 of Editor Dan Black’s series on HMCS Fredericton’s patrols in the Gulf of Oman.
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July/August 2010 Issue

Availability: 30 in stock

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